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Beautiful weddings on your budget

You can create budget-friendly weddings with a huge memorable impact using just a little of your own creativity and time!

Channel your wedding spark into saving money and create your own look by choosing a theme that ties everything together.  Think about your shared hobbies, what you love to do together, do you have the travel bug, or live on an acreage?  Once you pick the theme, choose an economical location and plan what decorations can be hand created to personalize the look.  Create florals for just you and your partner and walk down the aisle hand in hand. Reducing the flower cost works well during peak seasons including Valentines Day, Christmas and Easter. Offer a simple menu like appetizers or a BBQ. Your home mobile sound systems allows you to create your own entertainment and source free music from Spotify. 


Once you pick a theme, everything else falls in place with a little creativity and time!

Outdoor lighting.jpg
Canva - Bride and Groom Kissing.jpg

Choosing a unique location sets the tone and supports your decor and guest activities. 


Acreage and ranch weddings are a great example.  Rural locations provide a casual, outdoor wedding experience.  Cheerful yellow straw bales topped with small blankets are perfect guest seats for the ceremony and reception.  Unconventional locations offer endless of opportunity for great photographs. Keep the meal "picnic casual" with cold beer and wine on ice.  It is easier than you think to save money by transforming a location into a whole new experience.

Designing your own wedding theme is your opportunity to make it memorable, economical and meaningful.

Creating your own invitations, decorations, and party favours is not as daunting as it seems. 


A theme like movies makes invitation design simple using free sites such as Canva.  Choose from a variety of movie reels and film edging illustrations.  Instead of throwing rice at the ceremony - have fun and throw popcorn!  Serve cinema food featuring hot dogs with a variety of delicious condiments and yummy nachos. Complete the meal with a fun "make your own" ice cream sundaes with a variety of toppings. With a little creativity, saving money on a wedding has never been easier!


Are you looking for a commissioner to craft the perfect ceremony to match your theme?

Get in touch!

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