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Why choose Sharon as your
marriage commissioner?

Marriage Ceremony Image From a Wedding in Alberta

"Sharon was really great to work with the whole way through! Guests of our wedding let us know how amazing they found the ceremony and that it was so unique and unlike any wedding they had attended! Sharon worked along with us to curate the perfect day for the ceremony and orchestrated the rehearsal dinner so that everyone felt at ease! She sends lots of documents and suggestions to get our creative juices flowing to help design our ceremony! Sharon was warm and welcoming and did an amazing job making our day truly reflect us! Thank you so much Sharon it was a day we will never forget!" 

- Chantelle M

Crafting unforgettable wedding ceremonies is my expertise, tailored for couples who exude love and a zest for life. Each couple possesses a distinct love story, and I take pride in weaving those narratives into ceremonies that leave a lasting impact. As the ceremony unfolds, guests are mesmerized by the magic, setting the stage for an exceptional celebration.

I firmly believe that love transcends all barriers, which is why my ceremonies embrace and celebrate all identities, cultures, backgrounds, and traditions. Whether you're a conventional couple, or part of the LGBTQ+ community, I am committed to curating a ceremony that honours your love story.

What sets my ceremonies apart is the personalized touch infused into each one. By taking the time to understand your journey, values, and aspirations, I craft a ceremony that mirrors your relationship. From incorporating special readings to cultural rituals or personal vows, every element is meticulously designed to reflect your unique bond.

I design ceremonies that engage and involve guests, fostering connection and leaving an indelible impression on each attendee.

Consider the value-added benefits and services

Sharon brings to you, your family, and your guests.

  • Stress-free WOW ceremonies

  • Wedding specialist and educator

  • Culturally sensitive and inclusive 

  • Fun workshop eliminates worries and concerns

  • Unlimited correspondence and consultation

  • Vendor collaboration for a smooth service

  • Government paperwork submitted

  • Free in-studio backdrop and bouquets 


Wedding dates and times are not guaranteed until the non-refundable retainer of $150.00 is received by e-transfer to with the couple's names, wedding date and time.  This fee is applied to your full-service amount.


Your unique wedding will be unforgettable!

Sharon Barwick Wedding Officiant Personal Image
Joelle and Jaeden Wedding in Alberta
Wedding Decor and Wedding by Sharon Barwick
Sharon Barwick Hand Holding a couple just before their Ceremony

My boyfriend and I didn't want to wait any longer to get married! We had everything ready, except for the marriage commissioner. When I contacted Sharon, she had this amazing Elopement package where it still felt like a mini wedding which is why we first decided to book with her. After that, all the communication we had with Sharon further reinforced our good decision of picking her. She was amazing all throughout!!!! Sharon sweetly did the introduction in Spanish for our family watching through Zoom from Mexico and she made sure to include our families throughout the ceremony. It was just the best last-minute wedding ever! We will never forget her thoughtfulness and kindness.

- Renata P

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