What you need to know

Who is Sharon Barwick Weddings?

Sharon Barwick, CSEP is a licenced non-religious, civil wedding commissioner designated by the Province of Alberta. 

COVID-19 and Weddings
As a past department head at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario, I am proactive in the health and safety of my couples and families.  I am fully vaccinated and bring a mask for ceremonies plus hand sanitizer and monitor my good health daily.

Please see below for the new restrictions (taken from the Service Alberta website):

Mandatory restriction - Effective Sept. 20

  • Indoor wedding ceremonies and funeral services are permitted with up to 50 people or 50% of fire code occupancy, whichever is less.

  • Indoor wedding and funeral receptions are prohibited, unless the hosting facility implements the restrictions exemption program.

  • Outdoor ceremonies, services and receptions are permitted with up to 200 people and must follow liquor sales and consumption restrictions (sales end at 10pm, consumption by 11pm), unless the hosting facility implements the restrictions exemption program.

The marriage commissioner and clients must follow all AHS guidelines and directives. For up-to-date information visit the website @

What should I do if we have made wedding arrangements with Sharon  but one, or both of us, are not feeling well? 

If you are not feeling well, inform me ASAP and we will make arrangements for an alternative time and date. Under the present circumstances, I will wave any additional fees. Ultimately, I want you to feel confident and healthy on what will be one of the happiest days of your life.

How soon do we book a Marriage Commissioner?

Along with a venue, book your officiant as soon as possible. However, Sharon can be booked a minimum of 24 hours before the ceremony.


How do we book?

Call Sharon at 403-880-1900 and leave a message or email me at I will contact you within 12 hours.


Can we talk with Sharon before we reserve?

Certainly! Be sure to fill out the contact form so Sharon has a clear understanding of your needs and expectations prior to a phone call.  Zoom and Google Meet are a great vehicle for the first meeting.


How long does the average ceremony take?

An average ceremony takes 20 minutes. Client punctuality is essential to ensure the wedding day timeline progresses smoothly.


What time does Sharon arrive on our big day?

Sharon arrives 20 minutes before the ceremony.


Can we write our own vows?

Couples are encouraged to personalize their vows. Sharon can prompt you in repeating your vows during the ceremony or you can read them without prompting.


What does Sharon wear to the ceremony?

She prefers to wear dark coloured professional business attire so that you stand out.

Where do I get my marriage licence?

A marriage licence application can be obtained no more than three months prior to and up to the same day of the wedding at any Alberta Registry office. Visit this link to find an office near you. 

How do I apply for a marriage certificate document after we are married?

Two to three weeks after the wedding, the couple may return to the Registry to apply for an Alberta Marriage Certificate. Download the application here.

My question isn’t listed/answered in this FAQ, what do I do?

Call 403-880-1900 or email