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Experiential Weddings

No matter what ideas you have, I’m here to help make your dream wedding ceremony a reality.  Include your pets in the ceremony.  Choose unusual wedding locations and include activities that are inclusive and meaningful for everyone.

Themed Dress Code

Invite your guests to actively participate in your creative theme dress code that can transform everyone's experience!  From eras like the roaring 20's - flapper dresses and top hats to Halloween and goth. Winter weddings range from lush faux furs to Bermuda shorts and sandals.  Participation in themed weddings can transform everyone's experience!

Costumed Era clothing.jpg
Resized Pond.jpg

Unique Ceremony Locations

Unforgettable ceremonies start with unforgettable locations.  Whether it is a mountaintop, family ranch or a frozen pond ceremony - your unique location is the building block to an amazing wedding experience!

Group Rituals and Activities

It's all about the detail!  Include your guests in a ring warming ceremony, unity knot ceremony or sealing a time capsule of love letters for your first anniversary. Consider what would be meaningful and memorable you both partners and your friends and family.

Everyone releases balloons.jpg

For more ideas, check out my blog on Experiential Wedding Ceremonies

Get in touch today and let’s work together to create a magical event.

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