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Engaged? What you must know between YES and I Do.

Congratulations on your engagement! Are you wondering what to do now? Here are some wedding considerations to think about before you launch in and sign contracts:

1. Slow down your decision-making

2. Your wedding will probably cost you double what you think

3. Families often have their own agenda

4. Bridging cultures and religions can be tricky

5. There are many ways you can save money

6. Purchase insurance for liquor/illness/cancellation

7. Read all contracts before signing and never assume

8. Marry in Canada before you leave for your destination wedding

9. Wedding etiquette is key to keeping everyone happy

10. Book your ceremony/reception location first, then the officiant/minister and other vendors

11. Send a “Keep the Date” right away once the date and location are contracted for guests that are travelling

12. Research and interview your vendors, read their testimonials and ask a lot of questions

13. Couples together apply for their marriage licence at any Registry no sooner than 3 months before the wedding. The licence expires after 3 months

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