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Writing Wedding Vows Made Easy

“Straight from the heart” vows in your ceremony is why family and friends travel from afar for your wedding.

So much energy and money is invested in wedding decorations and the food, but really the whole wedding day should be centered on the ceremony and your vows during this special moment. Your guests want to hear your love story, your promises to each other, and to hear why you are committing to a lifetime with your chosen partner. It is very personal and a joyous occasion to witness!

But writing vows can be daunting including the dreaded writer’s block. You know how you feel but how do you say it? Don’t leave it to the last minute and start now by writing down all your thoughts and ideas so you can find a story or common thread that tie your vows together. Vows are like music, they have a beginning, a middle and a loving commitment at the end!

1. Start with the changes in your life since you met your partner. Address your partner as your best friend, lover, whole world, love of your life and talk about the initial “spark” when you first met. Explain how and why you fell in love with them. People really enjoy these stories making your ceremony unforgettable.

2. Next share your marriage aspirations, state your promises and how you will demonstrate your love using words like I vow and I promise. Keep it real and honest in acknowledging the “for better or worse” and in “sickness and health.”

3. Finish off with the future using words like eternity, forever, for all future time and never ending. Decide on the format as to whether it is poetic, romantic or lighthearted and entertaining? Resist sharing embarrassing moments and jokes.

4. Discuss whether to write them together or separately as a vow surprise but commit to a similar length and tone. Edit your vows to 1-2 minutes and practice reading them out loud. Print out a copy and give them to your marriage commissioner as a spare copy for you to read at the ceremony. It is too stressful to memorize vows for most couples.

Wedding vows are as unique as each couple!

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